11.19 The Next Recession 🆘 Bitcoin Price 5700 USD Crypto Market Stock Trump News BTC Current Events

11.19 The Next Recession 🆘 Bitcoin Price 5700 USD Crypto Market Stock Trump News BTC Current Events

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  1. Dwave, Nvidia, Tesla are all good stock. Skip Amazon, Google, Comcast, Netflix and any company that is floating on monopoly money. They are making money on the tax payer. That means during an economic collapse these companies are toxic waste.

  2. Nice vid, chart and everything, but you forgot one thing. Bill ended the business cycle back in the late 90's. Said so himself!

    Sure the Nasdaq crashed shortly thereafter, but I am sure that was just the exception that proved the rule. LMFAO.

  3. Love you man, BK you may be the BOSS, but you are really just a good man, and those are harder to come by. An inspiration to me! Please don't burn out. Keep making these videos!

  4. Do NOT @#%* With The BOSS Method. Lot's of people held OMG, I sold after Green went below Orange at around .00229 BTC, NOBODY was calling for it to get cut in half let alone 60 – 70%, BUT if you just stayed out we just broke the .00140 support and down to .00125. I think we are going down to at least .00111 if not .00085 or even .00056

    Again you don't have to predict which level, just stay out until that green and orange coil-up together. You will probably get some false rallies as it seems to consolidate on one of those levels, don't jump in, wait!

    I am seeing this patter over and over and over again. ICO launches 10 – 40X and then back down to 10 – 20% levels and then a fairly long consolidation period, with lots of false rallies along the way.

    Turns out we are ALL subject to the laws of gravity after all!

    Even BTC, we've had a helluva a rally, it seems super strong and I certainly don't know where the top is, but when that green goes below orange don't be surprised if we take this thing all the way back to the teens!

  5. Do you think I should change all my alts to BTC before the hardfork? I currently have majority of my portfolio in Litecoin, and I don't know if I should just keep them the way it is or sell to get that BTC gold

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