it’s very likely that you’ve heard some bitcoin lately because they are leaving enough news for the halving that comes from the one by the way I made a video recently in which I explain what it is and how it affects the price Bitcoin I leave the link in the description and you may have read or heard the term golden cross that’s what we’re going to see today if you’re interested stay in this video that I am going to explain to you what it is like and how indicate in case you have no idea anything like me let’s see it quite clear and without losing much in unnecessary technicality first of all the golden cross or * golden cross * in Spanish is far from exclusive to crypto coins like the halving for example who thought and designed the sakamoto group the Golden Cross is simply a typical investor strategy in actions and that normally indicates a change of upward bearish trend in the price of an asset obviously the golden crossing name is because it is produces when a graph overcomes others creating just a cross or cross as you want to say and the gold because it can give you money specifically the metrics that intersect and the ones that are most used in this technique are the slow moving average of 200 sessions and the fast moving average of 50 sessions the crossing is because the fast one exceeds the slow one in this case too it could be that they cross because the fast falls below the slow but Today we are going to see what happens when it is the other way around but what is a half mobile? is what that says the name a mean that is an average that moves how do you set a moving average? well obviously a machine does it automatically if you choose it but to understand it well let’s see what we would do to get this good moving average is extremely simple first we have to establish a temporality let’s set an example about 10 days then we have to have about values ​​corresponding to each of those 10 days of which we want the moving average obviously these values ​​are usually the closing price of some asset that is listed for practical purposes I placed these values ​​that you have in screen and now we have to choose how many days we want our moving average in this case we will make a good 2 day finally we just have to divide we start with the first 2 values because our moving average is 2 days we add them gives us a number what we divide by the amount of values ​​that we have added to obtain it that is in this case 2 and we put it on the graph now instead of grabbing the 2 first values ​​we take a step forward and grab the second and third value because you have to imagine that this is live let’s say then imagine happened a day and the price went up now the average of those last 2 days is higher than average of the previous two days well we add the values ​​gives us a number we divide it back by the amount of values ​​we use to to obtain it is to say 2 and to the graph and so on and here you have our * moving average of random numbers in this case terminated so now that we understand that it is a simple mobile graph because this is the simple type there are others what does it mean that the fast moving average exceeds the average slow mobile? good very simple the slow moving average when taking the values ​​of the last 200 sessions to get your averages that is 150 more than the quick it is more influenced by the old asset prices the quick to cross the slow * if you cross it up * indicates that the average of the most recent prices is exceeding to the average of the previous prices, why is it happening? most likely For the halving that I remember you can see the video I made about it in which you I explain what it is and how the price of the asset affects the halvings that so far I explain what it is and how the price of the asset affects the halvings that so far there are 2 clearly linked to an increase in the price of the currency just like the golden cross, especially the golden cross is used as a sign of long-term uptrend the last time the golden cross was seen in bitcoin for example of the moving average of 200 and the moving average of 50 was in October 2015 when bitcoin started a trend bullish that made it become a bubble touching the sky in 2017 and collapse in 2018 and the last time with 100 and 50 moving averages by example that is more recent was in May 2019 and bitcoin rose 170% in less than 60 days people know this and are investing in bitcoin to right and left those with silver obviously then increases demand and price goes up Tom Lee for example who is a renowned analyst of bitcoin believes that the asset could reach a price between USD 25,000 and USD 27,000 for August 2020 exceeding the historical maximum of close of USD 20,000 now today 02/19/20 the bitcoin is trading at about USD 10,137.50 well I hope you understood the golden cross that is very simple but quite useful as you see I will be uploading more videos about bitcoin and blockchain so if you are interested in the subject subscribe and activate the bell and if you liked this video you can leave a like and comment what price do you think bitcoin will reach in 2020 see you

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