🔴Fear And Politics Moving European Markets (w/Dr. Irene Finel-Honigman)

🔴Fear And Politics Moving European Markets (w/Dr. Irene Finel-Honigman)

I think one lesson is what happened right after breakfast was announced right after June 23rd
2016 where the immediate response was the Dow fell 600 points the pound suddenly looked like it was about to crash
Everything looked like oh my god, we’ve hit, you know disaster again and after 48 hours have calmed down
Do you see any
evolution in the near term of this
crisis whether it’s a second referendum or a hard brexit or whatever that results in something like that any kind of
real social violence even on the level of the Yellowjackets and well, you know
I think this is something we have to be extremely careful about because
What we did see with levy is wrong with the yellowed records in Paris
was that one false move by President McComb of
Announcing that he was raising gasoline taxes while at the same time pushing for massive investments and basically tax breaks for foreign
Money and certainly for the owner of the corporate class in France
Ignited this very sadly once it was ignited and then it’s very often happened deteriorated into a complete
basically movement of vandalism of violence which lost its its original purpose and cause
Something like this can happen
So the UK has to be very careful that politicians in the process of fighting their own little fights about brexit
Do not in term ignite a genuine sense of outrage and anger and it’s there to be ignited
I mean
You know these things
It is there and it’s there in every country and I think in Germany and again because of German history in part
But uncle American is also had to be very very careful
of exactly how she’s
Recalibrated and balanced the role of Germany particularly is presuming Lee the largest donor to all European
bailouts etcetera with the needs of her country her constituency and
Leaders are going to have to really watch out for that
There’s no question and that’s why I mentioned that when we talk about the Russian influence
It’s very important to understand how deep this sense of disenfranchisement
Marginalization and discontent with basically regional and global entities is within countries themselves. Absolutely
Ya know it’s there. And yes, I think this is also one reason why
The UK will have to be very careful whoever comes in to replace to resume
and I think this is not going to be an easy job and
Hopefully some solution is is found and I’m not sure Boris Johnson’s the answer
Yeah, you know it’s very interesting that it’s almost like the butterfly effect
These little sparks can just ignite a conflagration and exactly, you know, the the whole Arab Spring was literally started by one
Vendor who set himself on fire because he couldn’t get his cart back after it had been
Taken away from it and and the fire literally spread throughout the whole
Of the region and and and so you do have this thing macron does one little thing that if he’d done it the week before
Or if he’d done something different it might not have right
Produced that at all, but you you can’t really judge where those things are. It’s it’s it’s not a predictable system. It’s like a
what they call a catastrophic system in
Mathematics it it suddenly changes from one state to another without money without any real think so, you know
I I do have that concern in the UK and and you just wonder if they if there was a for example a second
Referendum and of course the question there is what would the question be on the second?
Ah, that’s a problem and I’ve heard all sorts of versions of that
but if there were and
one side or the other is obviously going to lose and and would that be a spark that would ignite this and how would you
Control it. I remember
There was a who was it that said that you know
This was years ago
And is the famous book and he said he described the British as having barely controlled anger, and I think that’s true
I think that is that is the curtain, you know
What one doesn’t want to reach is the point in which that’s let loose well, I think this is the problem in Europe
Also, you could almost go country by country in Europe this basically a simmering level of anger
Against some of the political class against a political decision the sense that you still are basically being run by elites
Making decisions that do not necessarily take you into account is running right now very deep. It’s a sense of betrayal
I think it is a betrayal and you know
And we have to remember of course in European history is a long tradition of this the revolution of 1848 started this way, right?
they’ve been other major revolutions and for friendly yes changes in Europe that start often exactly with that and
The point I always find fascinating with with a lot of European countries and in a way
Maybe that’s just go back to there almost deep and sometimes instinctive sense of their own history
They often do have these sudden movements of rage and anger and yet somehow at the end
They always seem particularly since the creation of the European Union to almost walk to the precipice and then walk back
to somehow understand perhaps on a deeper level than we do in the states where we have not gone through what Europe has gone through
That you don’t want to get too close to the abyss. You kind of look over it
exactly, and then you know
Okay, and we have seen this already in Italy we have in many ways seen this in Greece
We have seen this a number of country
Certainly my call interestingly enough has tried to a little bit contain this by doing something typically French which years ago
Me too haunted is appeal to the sense of the country appeal to the sense of patriotism that we’re all in this together
Yeah, well
That’s that Center that seems to be missing or or under so much stress and so Finn in so much of the world
nowadays is everything is centrifugal forces forced everything to the sides and and one little
Crisis and it’s even force more to the side and it’s really problematic going back to markets for a moment
so if you know in the in the various evolutions of that that are from this point seem probable or likely, you know a
Hard brexit, we hope won’t happen a some kind of negotiated brexit
Fading away of it. You know, it’s just on hold indefinitely
another referendum
You see a temporary roiling in the markets in both Europe and the UK and probably globally but youth do you?
Feel like people have already almost priced that in in a way and and so you don’t see that
this is gonna be the thing that precipitates a
Serious global downturn there may be one for other reasons
But I’m saying do you do you think that there’s a risk or how high risk is there that this is?
something that would precipitate a real
serious issue long span long term
Downturn of some kind or do you think it’s it that it’s it’s already sort of in there in people’s minds
So whatever happens it it will there’ll be this period where everybody has to
Raise their hands up and scream about it, and then things will go back to normal
Well, I think one lesson is what happened right after breakfast was announced right after June 23rd 2016
Where the immediate response was the Dow fell 600 points the pound suddenly looked like it was about to crash
Everything looked like oh my god, we’ve hit, you know disaster again and after 48 hours have calmed down
It began to calm down and everyone sort of stood back and said wait a minute the fundamentals in our economies are solid
Nothing else has dramatically changed
We are looking at one set of now major political changes and possible huge problems
But fundamentally in an economic an economic standpoint. There hasn’t been that much
involved in this so far
That’s why I found it fascinating to what a point these little safety nets are being laid out in the regulatory
Side and are basically being set out so that nothing is going to have to take place in
absolute immediacy
Neither the banks moving or getting the whole concept of bank of the backpass porting
Privileges across Europe a banks being allowed to function each other’s countries. This will continue basically quite a while
There’s a time to breathe. There’s a lot of breathing space that is already built in this is already built in
The fact that the pound is not done very well since brexit
But it has not done dramatically badly either look for one point four to one point two hours, right?
and and you know the the
Example I use is during the absolute worst of the sovereign debt crises when everyone was thinking about oh, this is over
Well, it turned out that the dollar euro parody never went ballistic. Yeah it remained
Yes a little bit up a little bit down remain fairly solid
Basically central bank reserves of 65 percent dollar and roughly 20 to 27 percent euro different shift
You know, there’s so many more
larger global factors that we have already seen
Do not necessarily
get impacted by political
decision and political crises I
think that this may be part of it the
problem is that
Psychologically the perception of a sudden no deal
Or everything just for maybe actually more severe that may be more damaging
You know the sense of oh wait, man what now? Not necessarily market responses


  1. The people are tired of criminal government feeding the oligarchs who buy shitbag politicians, all bought off politicians need to hang

  2. So sorry but us average sovereign Citizens don't want to live in an Islamic centered country or be overrun by millions of millions of African migrants from the 3rd world.
    if you rich well off people and educated elites want to live with Africans and Muslims to follow Mahummad why not just go to their countries?

  3. This woman does not understand at all. Obviously. The economy is leaving the majority behind. It is that simple. Pointy headed liberals need to actually talk to some of the unwashed.

  4. We are not “all” in this together.
    There is a serious problem with the wealth gap.
    By definition we can’t “all” be in this together.

  5. This man can't be for real, claiming the 'centre ' has lost control. It is the so-called 'centrists' (whose policies are actually neo-liberal, which places them on the right of the economic spectrum) who have created this mess and they are still very much in control of the EU (or is he unaware of Von Leyen's and Lagarde's recent appointments?). They refused to address inequality and the structural problems inherent in macro global economics in 2008 and instead pressed on with QE and austerity for 10 years which allowed the corporations and mega wealthy to enrich themselves exorbitantly at the expense of equitable resource management for the rest of the population. Then when things start to unravel they call for more of the same ie a continuation of the status quo. The real anger at this injust and selfish set up needs new thinking, not more of the same. And stop calling then centrists. They are neo-liberal and their economic models create inequality and division.

  6. Referring to the total disregard of the British peoples vote to leave the EU as a "second referendum" as if it makes total sense to any one listening.
    Referring to the Yellow Vest movement in France as a movement of violence and vandalism. Third tier elites shilling for first tier elites…priceless.

  7. …sounds like a couple wealthy folks talking about something they know nothing about: low and middle income perspectives.

  8. Italy, Greece and France are troubled countries, I don't see such uprising in UK or Germany. You can visit the countries and know that the Western and Northern countries have higher living standards

  9. i don't think either of these people really know what they are talking about. they talk as if the popular outrage is sort of just cute. that in the end the bottom feeding slobs will do nothing. wait.

  10. Oh so the fiat kings expect the people to now go for the idea of glory of king and country and put your life on the line for the kings and queens of the country. Ya right!

  11. "Peace and security!" is the False prophecy of the False prophet Revelation 19: 20. A 'king' 'fierce in countenance' arises, and goes to war with Persia Daniel 8: 20, 23-25. But this happens AFTER the declaration of 'Peace and security!' in Israel. 1Thessalonians 5: 2, 3. PRESSURE Iran, and bomb out their enriched uranium nuclear assets….and watch the 'sudden destruction' in Israel. Zephaniah 2: 1-11 Matthew 24: 15-22. Daniel 11:44, 45. Christ told us to 'get out of Judea', at this time Mark 13: 16. THIS is the END of the present system. Roman 9: 28. BATTLE AND DISTRESS is visible, as recorded there in Zephaniah, in GAZA, ASHKELON, ASHDOD AND EKRON.
    People ask me "How long is the Great tribulation?" It is a five- month cataclysm, as seen in Revelation 9: 5, 10 which corresponds to the 150 days in Genesis 7: 24; the Great flood of Noah. Matthew 24: 37. At this time, the wicked are destroyed, as seen in Psalms 92: 7 and Psalms 37: 8-10; and this brings the Great tribulation to an end. The survivors are found in God's Kingdom, at the appearance of Christ; at the beginning of the crisis, as seen in Matthew 25: 31, 34. That is why the faithful are protected; and will survive John 3: 16
    The EURO will collapse, leading to war between the EU and Russia
    Declare "Peace and security!" in Israel; apply maximum pressure to Iran, and watch the 'sudden destruction' Daniel 11: 44, 45 1Thessalonians 5: 2, 3. Jehovah's Day arrives 'like a thief in the night' 1Thessalonians 5: 2. Places in battle and distress at this time are: Gaza, Ashkelon, Ashdod, and Ekron. Zephaniah 2: 1-11. Christ told us to 'get out of Judea' at this time. Mark 13: 16.
    The worldwide financial meltdown Psalms 46: 4-6 Revelation 18: 17 Ezekiel 7: 19 that comes with wars Jeremiah 25: 24-26 and worldwide wrath Revelation 11: 18 also means that the time of man's rule over man is OVER Romans 9: 28. Now, CHRIST RULES Matthew 24: 29, 30 and survivors are found in God's Kingdom, when He arrives. Matthew 25: 31, 34. "Come, you people! Buy wine and buy milk without money and without price!" Isaiah 55: 1. YES INDEED; they STUFF it, and YOU will SEE it happen.

  12. Germany and the rest of Europe will turn East and create “ViVa Eurasia “ that will be the biggest Market forever !

  13. Macron appealed to a sense of country and patriotism – and we are all in this together. What planet is that woman on? Macron said before the yellow vests demonstrations that France and the French people do NOT exist. His stated intention was to bring 200,000,000 – 300,000,000 Africans into Europe. Europe was to 'merge' with central Africa. NOW he is appealing to patriotism!!!!! Here's an idea, bring guests onto your site that actually understands what they are talking about.
    This hanging over the edge garbage. There will be a revolution and it will be a political one. The politicians promoting Globalisation and unrelenting mass immigration will be thrown out of office.

  14. Globalism, Marxist socialism, central banking, and elite families such as Rothschild are the main sources of our world problems.

  15. Yellow Vests did not "lose their original purpose and cause'. In the face of massive money printing to benefit the banks, private equity and large corporates and the ongoing "UP YOURS" to the working man, the shock is the Yellow Vest Protest has not gone worldwide. I don't want that, but 100% predict it will starting with the UK of a real Brexit does not occur.

  16. After Brexit or any other crisis, ''things calm down'' because of government intervention, they don't just calm down…

  17. Interesting talk between two folks living mainly in their high-rise ivory towers. Firstly, Brexit. Article 50 of the European Constitution allows any member state to straightforwardly leave the union. In theory!
    If the UK was allowed to leave as it should have been in 2016, the priviledged unrepresentative undemocratic highly-paid Euro leaders knew that Italy and many other nations would quickly leave and they'd lose their jobs and perks. So to survive, they put as many spanners in the works as possible to prevent the UK's supposed easy exit.
    You want to know about the future of Europe, on YouTube listen to Vladimir Bukovsky, 'Europe!'
    Secondly, the arab spring set off by an burning incident in Tunisia! C'mon folks, wake up!! This was an integral part of neo-conservatives' Greater Middle-East Project in which 7 countries would be destabilised and overturned. It followed a previous Israeli plan called Oded Yinon. Ask Wesley Clark about that not long after the indispensable Pearl Harbour number 2 in New York where 3 skyscrapers were 'pulled' in order to create a 'catalysing event' described by a member of the neo-conservatives 'crazies' group🤪🤪🤪.
    Thus obliging the 'stupid' George W Bush to announce the programmed american military intervention in Afghanistan as the Taliban were blocking the construction of US gas and oil pipelines through their country. Worth an estimated 12 TRILLION DOLLARS. That's a T folks😁. Iraq followed.
    Also, the Taliban had decimated the lucrative heroin trade that the US intelligence services coveted. Goodbye700 billion $$$. Yearly. Watch on YouTube, Karl Schwarz, '9/11 is a non-partisan issue!' He was a good friend of the 'deplorable' Clintons and personally knows a few of the people involved in the 9/11 attacks💣💥💥.
    Lastly, the british Conservative Party 'intellectuals' never allow any Prime Minister to be chosen if they're too intelligent or independent and can't be easily manipulated.
    Of course, Theresa May was an embarassing buffoon, just like the newly chosen 🤡 Boris pompous and cretinous Eton schoolboy Johnson.
    Business as usual. The Comedy of Errors will continue unabated.

  18. Britain will flourish after the 31st of October!! Trade with the rest of the world will be good for Britain!! Germany has already seen less exports to Britain!! Germany has lost many cars sales and merkel has admitted this!! Macron is destroying France and will be ousted from government before Xmas!! The Eastern European countries are going to destroy the EU with doing what they need to do for their own countries!! Germany and France will have to pay extra to support this failing Union!! Watch what happens when food shortages hit Europe hardest!! How will they feed these multi millions of immigrants from Third World countries who don't work but claim benefits from taxpayers in Europe?? Wait until this winter to see real unrest in European countries!! Europeans have had enough of these immigrants who hate Christian countries but keep taking benefits from them!! Europe will erupt with anger against these unwanted immigrants!!

  19. These MPs should get their asses back to parliament before it gets out of hand people are growing inpatient
    Tue 5 August 2019 🕇

  20. Apologists who said nothing. they conveniently said nothing about the swindle, theft, looting, government infiltration & outright lying by the media & corporations. it's time to back the dollar with some gold & take power away from the central bankers who committed fraud & a coup d'etat on the citizens of the U.S. their system is bust & they refuse to take the losses = the biggest swindle in the history of the world.

  21. You reporters(?) are acting as though there is not a whole history of the government pushing it's people into finally exploding. It is not Spontaneous Combustion. It is in fact a whole series of bad policies, and if you do not admit it, then you will get every thing wrong again!!!

  22. Sure, the arab springs was started by one vendor who set himself on fire… Nothing to do with the US, it was totally organic

  23. Marxist Keynesian analysis. Yawn. Irene ruined her entire life on this Marxist nonsense. Can't negate your entire life Irene–stuck in the mud of Marx.

  24. – Two hapless fools. Their elitist views and wealth, does not make up for their ignorance and 'I know better' attitude. I see it as an excellent opportunity to study what is wrong with the current 'elites' who does nothing but cheat and steal our hard earned wealth, freedom and dignity.

  25. This lady is so dumb…couldn;t watch the whole thing. "merkel the biggest donor to bail-outs' ? German and french firms looted Greece then she bailed out the banks and, in turn, made the greek people pay for the bail-outs to her banks.
    Real wages in the UK have declined by 9% since 2009..but I'm sure the likes of these nattering nabobs don't get their pay cut so they don't understand nor care about those people. Destroy hope in the working classes and you'll release their fury.

  26. Arab Spring? Don't make me laugh. In countries where they really needed a revolution, like Saudi & the Gulf States, there was no Spring, thanks to the backward, US-propped dictatorial regimes crushing all descent with executions and torture. Isolated American "intellectuals" talking absolute bullshit about a world they have little or no clue about.

  27. nonsense Woman. All people are fed up, with the academic $ skimming operation, as they ruin our children,for a global banking supremacy of all

  28. This was not worth listening to – just another puppet shilling for her parasitic elite puppet masters yet pretending to understand the realities of life for the commoner.

    This idiots comment about Macron the Traitor was truly ridiculous. Does she REALLY think the French people fell for Macron's little charade???

  29. What a load of rubbish. We have to be concerned about every other country in the eu? Sorry!!! We have to be concerned about ourselves.

  30. the EU is now very clear in its ambitions – to become a super-state, controlled by unelected beurocrats and guided primarily by the germans and their French poodles. they skilfully convince the 27 member states that they have control, but they really do not.
    They are clearly intent on destroying individual nations' national identities as a fundamental part of this strategy and this is currently well underway with the tides of immigrants who bring nothing good to the EU apart from destroying national identities over time.
    The drive for an EU army is another major objective for the EU as it can be used to control "unhappy" member states who are not doing what the commission tells them they must.
    A sad state of affairs that is far advanced down the path to an unelected and uncontrollable super state

  31. 5:38 ”Appeal to the sense of a country. Appeal to the sense of Patriotism, that we’re all in this together.”
    Said the Globalist
    The clock is ticking for the Internationalists

  32. Fat finance people who are totally alienated from real life are discussing how you can't foresee these things. No, descent to amidst normal people, talk , ask around. You will see, hear and feel (if you have any heart left). The yellow vest movement was shimmering in France for *years* before it ignited. And that's what France gets for ignoring those who've become the losers in global capital flows and outsourcing everything. Then on top of that, voting a clueless ex-banker puppet (who didn't know what discount rate is) as a president, and the fuse is lit…

  33. This is a clear example of how the upper class think we are the people are sick and not worthy of a vote or having a day in our country. They speak of a second referendum as if there was never even a first vote. This simmering lever of anger has been running since the need it vote has been delayed for years as if we are behaving like children and not adults that are being lied to and ignored by the people we put in power.

  34. The fact is even if there was a second referendum and they lost again they would not honor the result again. The new LIB leader has said that already. So no second chances to get the chance to get the result you wanted in the first place. Democracy is at risk here. Look at the way the MSM and political class along with the elite have tried to get a sitting president removed from office with lies for the last 3 years. Why, because they don't like him or what he stands for. These people only believe in Democracy when it suits them. They have tried to brain wash the people of america and britain for three years, well it never worked with trump,and it has not worked with brexit.

  35. “…It’s not doing to bad, nor is it doing so good either, for whom tho”. Well, i am sure that the bench mark here is the capitalist rather than the general masses. How do we get this back to what it was when everyone worked for themselves trading goods and services for themselves and did just as well or badly as the next guy. Everything was more stable and consistent without the deception, manipulation, fixes and gunpoint. Look, this might be good for some but let’s face it, it’s set not to work for all.

  36. From this European's point of view this conversation seems rather superficial, without any real insight. Juggling talking points.

  37. Wow, so the market see the future and not current economic environment, your saying the market should clam down and see the current data as good and see Brexit is NO PROBLEM. OH you are not short sighted at all. see what happen with no deal briexit bring Scotland and wales vote for independent. what do you think about your pound silver.

  38. EU fulfills Hitlers agenda, it is beyond betrayal it is evil. The people of France can see yet again their elits bow down and capitulate to Germany. As for Poland etc the EU globalists will ignore and walk right over their needs and wants.

  39. "The fundamentals of our economies are solid". If you needed a reason not to go to an elite college in addition to tuition she is it. She is clearly not incompetent or dilusional – she still works there. So why does she say something that is patently false? Let's turn the question around: What would happen to her, if she weren't spineless and contradicted the elite narrative?

  40. It is time for the European nations to wake up. The EU has no reason to exist, for its policies follow strict German rules. First they destroyed the very economic fabric of Greece. Then particular the Germans went in to buy on the cheap the best of what the country had to offer, in the way of infrastructures and profitable businesses. Sure Greece had its faults, but they should have been helped without destroying its economy. England should stay well away from Europe, because EU is finished, and going out with the politically re-dimension of Furer Merkel.
    Next in line to be hit by the bandits will be Italy, but the Italians have learned the lesson, and are not in a mood to be robbed by no one. Ask Salvini.
    Luckily the business climate is fast changing for the worse in Germany. Where the core of the German prowess, its car industry is at the moment under intense pressure By the magnificent Electric cars of Tesla from America, and where in that auto luxury market segment once monopolized by the German brands, today Tesla is outselling all of the German luxury brand put together. Tesla dominance will soon also repeat the same performance in Europe too. BMW, Audi, Mercedes have launched new EV to fight Tesla, but they are not selling at all, due mainly to the superiority under any parameter of the magnificent cars built by Tesla. So next year let us expect some red ink to flow in Munich and Stuttgart, and not only.
    In the next 2 or 3 months there is going to be a general election in Italy, and where Salvini will probably win by a landslide., and he has no intention to let the Germans run the EU as they please to benefit mother Deutchland, and the hell with the rest of Europe.
    In Europe there are at least 10 different languages, 20 nations, with vastly different economies, the only thing that bound all these nations together, is just the Euro which does not make any business sense at all, while on the side especially Germany and France, often they bend the general rules to favor their country and in the process cutting out the other nations, which are ready to jump ship at the very first opportunity, to protect themselves from these main predators.

  41. ALL ABOUT THE JUNK ADMINISTRATION 🤣😂😃😃😅 best option for the west crash the dollar and ask trump to go hope and close his twitter mouth/ before is too late for america & ISRAEL 🧐👽👽YOU can see what happened To america leader of the $ 🤑🤑 DOLLAR world "not the free world" and AIPAC hollywood not so roman empire on his way of making ISRAEL GREAT AGAIN has made AMERICA pitiful AGAIN 😥😪👽

  42. DR… YOUR "CLICK BAIT" nothing else .. " .. do you see .. this Crisis?".. this person will be born out to be " FAKE" as time moves forward and her " Fortune Teller " .. info is not real, does not happen, and be "very careful".. of taking this person's opinion based on NO CURRENT FACTS !!! These " experts " never have any attempt at a " solution " to the " problem " that is just " make believe " .

  43. Europe was conquered by a foreign element without a single shot being fired. Sounds like prophecy come true to me.

  44. Bolshevik propaganda, the people are the problem.
    In the US the White,(supremists),rwad..all white people ,newborn to 99.

  45. EU euzone wont fall over. Probably the only economic / financial blok still standing; when this current 08 revisited financial crises / global meltdown stopped melting! But if they will and can bailout the whole world again? Although they can; I doubt they will this time.

  46. FUNNY TO WATCH HOW AMERICANS TALK ABOUT EUROPE. Europe compared to USA is a PARADISE on earth. People in europe have SO MUCH LESS debt! People in europe do not buy cars they cant afford, do not buy houses they cant afford. People in europe do not go and shoot 30 other people, people in europe doesn't have drug problems. USA talkers should look at their country first because it's falling and VERY quickly.
    Europe have A LOT of different cultures and it's normal for different cultures and history to have disagreement and be angry. In Europe police still is police – low income, simple dudes that work for citizens. While in usa police is made to be mafia and people afraid to even call them.

  47. They're going to be putting out tons of stupid ass video's like this from now on… it's youstupid = it's what they want.

  48. i stopped at 6 minutes. you didnt metion communism the biggest killing machine in the world. typical prine ans princess tellin everyone how they shoud change….. priness how are you going to change



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