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  2. Only learned geopolitics to trade oil and now learning how geopolitics works in recession. Thank you for the upload.

  3. Capitalism?? There is no real Capitalism. The Bolsheviks are fighting the Fascists. True Capitalism is a beautiful thing. RIP

  4. USA have a aging demographics population and a $75 trillion of underfunded liabilities due in next 15 years, so if FED monetize this huge deficits to come then we will become Venezuela with very high inflation. if we don't fund it then i guess we will throw senior citizens down the cliff, on my. 😟

  5. Well, I think amazon anounced they backed out of china not becasue they were no allowed to go in its because the ecommerence is already run by alibaba for many years so its really heard to break into the well established market. It works the other way too, alibaba didnt even bother to break into the ecommerence in USA becasue its overtaken by Amzon already so making a argument using amazon dosent really convince me. I could be wrong though just food for thought

  6. He's too Social Justice Warrior for me. Using the word 'problematic' because he thinks it sounds smart and concerned.

  7. Trump has not divided the country, just highlighted the divisions that were already there by challenging the entrenched establishment which is fighting back.

  8. I'd say the media is too obsessed with Trump derangement to report on anything else. Not the other way around.

  9. A globalist hack. Card carrying member of the "Party of Davos"…if he's howling it's good news: Trump must be doing something right! MAGA! 👍❤🇺🇸Trump 2020!🇺🇸👍❤

  10. This interview is filled with the usual delusional crap the establised media has been pushing for decades. An "independent central bank" is one of the biggest jokes ever. The FED is literally OWNED by the big banks (they have stock in it). Is it not now nor has it EVER been independent of the banking establishment, but instead does their bidding, which frequently is at the expense of the public/peasantry.

  11. this guy really doesnt know anything about russia… russia is a democracy with more parties then US has…and people vote for putin because he does a good job…. his analysis is wrong because its clear to me he got russia wrong so he probably got the rest wrong… did not even finish listening… useless.

  12. Try to modulate your voice a little more as an analytical person would, you sound too enthusiastic as a sales person closing a sale. Let your logic speak for itself. Facial contortions distort taking you seriously. You sound as if you’re teaching children. Just a good tip for your presentation. Oh you have elbow pads… you think you’re a professor. Those that can do, those that can’t teach … good luck prof…👄

  13. The united States of America has never, ever, Ever been nor was it ever supposed to be a Democracy. It is a Republic and it has a constitution; 'The Living Constitution'.
    The U.S.A. has been corrupted into a democracy and as Lenin said "Democracy is indispensable to Socialism because people will alwyas vote themselves into slavery.
    Listen to the radio shows of Bill Cooper at hourofthetime dot com to find out what the hell is happening and has been happening in the united States since the founding of the Republic.
    The founding fathers were deists and wrote into 'The Living constitution' that is could be taken away if people didn't protect the freedoms and rights.
    RIP Bill

  14. I like a lot of what Bremmer says, but his non-partisanship and assessment of Trump made me wince. Trump is authentic only in his deep lack of authenticity. He's a poor man's idea of a rich man and a dumb person's idea of a smart man. I'm wondering which "smart" things Trump has done to uphold his oath to the office or improve things for America that Bremmer could cite.

  15. its sad how when he started mentioning technology, he could only come up with chips or big data and cloud computing. thats how low the US has sunk in terms of tech, we dont even make most of our own chips anymore, they are either made in germany, s.korea or taiwan

  16. Why doesn't anyone especially the mainstream media "explain" the trade issues and details with China and other countries? Tell the people what the trade deals are currently and than why it needs to be renegotiated and the benefits. Everyone mouths off about it but know one ever gives the details. All we hear is it's BAD BAD BAD, but why? It's beyond frustrating.

  17. 23:17 What projects did he grow up in??? Does anyone here know him or where he grew up? He has never lived in "The projects"

  18. Pretty solid discussion on a variety of really key topics. Also some good angles from both, if not several different sides of these issues.

  19. He would fire someone for saying what Trump says ? First amendment does not count = he is committing treason if he does it. He would never say that is the reason for firing someone, that would give the employee the right to sue him into the stone age. All I see is a salesman. = Can not be trusted at all. Sales is not about best for the client, its all about what is best for the salesman. Defending the central banking cabal which through its policies of ultra low interest rates below the rate of inflation is increasing the wealth of the 0.01% at the expense of everyone else ? = Zero Credibility Interviewing him does not help Real Visions Credibility either.

  20. Oh boy I do not like this guy. No disparaging his intelligence or accuracy, but his goals are likely awful.

  21. Bremmer's vision has some valid points. But, his vision of the future of technology probably will not prove out. Huawei is not a comparable company with Amazon or Google. Production of technology devices is not the same kind of business as services. In fact, Huwaei uses Google's software as do all of the Android phones sold in China. There is a logic to global cooperation and competition in the development and manufacture of technology products. There is much less logic to a global provider of retail service or social media. The biggest flaw in Bremmer's thinking is the common idea that technology is some kind of competition between the United States and China. That idea is nonsense. Samsung and TSMC are global leaders in the production of advanced semi conductors. Japan has been a major player in technology for decades. All of Asia is a rising consumer of technology products. A very large share of components of American computer technology products are manufactured in China. In many cases the owner of the business is in Taiwan. It would be a large disaster for the United States to try to isolate itself from all of this activity. An American assumption that it can force most of the world outside China to isolate itself from China is highly likely to prove very foolish. There does not appear to be any really compelling logic for many kinds of businesses to be global. But, science, the development of advanced technology, and the manufacture of advanced technology components are likely to remain globally connected even if both the United States and China feel that their national security depends on having their own source of critical technology products.

  22. This guy blames Trump for division? Does he not remember Obama? 8 years of belittling whites people, police and knocking our country. This is just the result.

  23. Interesting discussion. Smart guy. Don't agree that little will change domestically after the US election in 2020. I think it's going to be a watershed event.

  24. I couldn't help but laugh when they talked about corruption in other countries without scrutinizing the corruption at home at the same level

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