Trump’s aim is to dominate Bitcoin as much as China does. He may even be preparing for such an intervention
without much announcement. A new move in Bitcoin may be at xxx. In this section, again, the most coin invested
in crypto coins in December, what happens, do they rise, fall, investors should pay attention
to the important events? Here we will talk about all these in mini
video series, we will analyze them according to the most current events, friends. What’s happening today? What doesn’t? Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano. I will give bitcoin to each of them the most
striking and most important events. You know, I’m especially hopeful from December,
but I’ll share a date for Bitcoin, especially folks. So I think watch carefully. Because an extra move in Bitcoin can happen
that day or that day. You know, we picked the Ledger winner on Friday. However, there was still no reaching. The winner must write his / her e-mail address
immediately from this profile. I’m gonna wait a few more days, or I’m gonna
give it to the reserves. I think the backups should write their e-mail
address. In order to be transparent, I received a short
video and photo from the person I sent Ledger to. Let’s start with Bitcoin now. Dear friends, we also started our brand new
Telegram lottery. If you subscribe to my channel, tap the bell
and write at least one comment and join the following Telegram channels, you will have
the chance to participate in the draw. Now let’s get into the event with 1- Bitcoin,
and firstly, Kelly Loeffler, CEO of Bakkt, the physical futures platform at Bitcoin,
which may be responsible for Bitcoin’s recent steep ups and downs, is going to enter the
Senate from the US state of Georgia. thing. I told you about it in a video last week. Although American president Trump doesn’t
like the CEO of Bakkt, he is expected to do what he promises not to sell. Doing so may significantly affect the future
of Bitcoin. Don’t worry, but stay tuned, folks, we’ll
talk about it all, but in December, I’ll tell you what happens if Bakkt’s CEO officially
enters the senate from Georgia this month. Bitcoin itself and the Bakkt platform can
now reach a more formal status in America. In the United States, big money fathers investing
large amounts of money in stock can now invest more comfortably in the Bakkt platform, which
is Bakkt’s number one product, Bitcoin, which can lead to much tougher ups and downs in
Bitcoin. Everyone should pay attention, but of course,
Trump now supports Bitcoin, so the idea that Bitcoin is going to rise is high. Okay, American president Trump now recognizes
even more Bitcoins, indirectly supports them, but I think Trump’s goal is to dominate Bitcoin
as much as China. More intervention in Bitcoin. He may even be preparing for such an intervention
without much announcement. As you know, China’s power over Bitcoin’s
dominance is too much. A significant number of miners are in China,
but not much in America. Is not it? That’s why he supports Bakkt, Trump. As I said, if one day Bitcoin becomes one
of the most important forces in the world, if it turns into a weapon, a power that countries
can make moves against each other, like oil, natural gas, I will take my place here. With Bakkt, I can access this power so that
I can raise the price of Bitcoin when I want it, if I want it, or if it makes an operation
by moving the price of Chinese Bitcoin someday tomorrow, I’ll respond immediately. Don’t look, folks at Bitcoin, you know, some
dust cloud for us. We are trying to see the front of the fog
curtain with our hands like this, or so for these countries. So is America. In fact, it is necessary to give rights because
the current governments, so far, the state states the money, the first condition of being
a state to see the events that go outside the principle of printing money. So they may not see them in a healthy way,
but still uncontrolled power, power account is not a power Btcoin’da certain I think I
need to take the reins of this really think. So of course, when you’re talking about them,
you might say that Bitcoin’s distributed system, where it stayed, is decentralized or something. You’re right, but indeed if Bitcoin is so
successful, it already finds its way into the water, and continues to succeed. If he’s not, he’s eliminated. Time will tell us the right way. As a result, I’m trying to be positive on
this channel, but I’m trying to be realistic without drawing pink pictures or dreamers. Before I go into technical analysis at Bitcoin,
let me tell you this. what I’ve just told you about these senate
events, Bakkt platform gives the signal that things will go exactly as he wants. Trump with quarrel we cannot imagine that
a CEO will be successful in the financial world. I’m sorry, but Bakkt is already breaking the
volume records, for example, when we look at the latest data. For example, there is an increase of around
12%, even the most harsh interest of the last period, I say this in quotation. He saw it on November 27th, when Bitcoin fell
to $ 7,000 and recovered slightly. Other than that, my friends, there’s something
about general crypto money. It is said that European banks may allow crypto
money buy and sell transactions directly from them. I’ll tell you if this happens. It’s a mess, it’s an incident. Of course, with your permission, I will look
at the business from a more crypto coin and see it in a more general framework. Look, friends, there is a clash between the
financial white collar economy and the industrial economy all over the world. The situation in Europe is not good either. In a pioneering agricultural country like
France, farmers are taking action on their tractors with slogans that criticize French
President Macron’s agricultural policies. In Germany, there are also actions that criticize
the government’s agricultural policy to protect the environment. E There are attempts at independence in Spain. While there is no salt in Europe, there is
also a budget shrinking due to the Brexit incident, which returned to England’s snake
story. Therefore, I am not surprised at this news
about Europe buying and selling crypto money from banks. After all, they have to find money somewhere,
right? If there is an interest in crypto currency,
which seems to increase with the development of technology. E Europe may want to get its share of this
cake early. Therefore, global crises in the world may
lead to much earlier concerns about the crypto currencies, especially Bitcoin. I look at this news as part of a puzzle, I’m
getting that news missing in the jigsaw puzzle, and each of you with great support of each
of you undoubtedly trying to complete the picture a little more if you want to say,
let’s not come to the point? Let’s move on to Bitcoin’s technical analysis. Folks, let’s start with this first. Somehow we can throw ourselves over 7500. As you already know, if it stays below 7750-7500
dollars, we said that we would enter the dangerous region that forces us to live in a scenario
like last year, and we see the bottom of 3100 dollars as a possibility, but you know that
technical analysis gives you an idea. Anyway, anyway, my friends, Bitcoin is currently
trying to get over the impact of the descending triangle, which is breaking down as of November
12, and I don’t take it as an investment advice when we look at the whole case, for example,
but this chart seems to be working with you 1-2 months ago. We came out of a giant descending triangle,
where $ 13,800 was the highest point, yet we couldn’t pick up one side. However, I believe that if Bitcoin will rise
as a result of the block halves as in previous years, this has not started yet. Yes, this may not be the rise because everyone
everywhere is talking about the halfway block, but on the one hand, I think about it, but
when I go out and talk to the people, no one knows about Bitcoin, or that’s what he saw
on television in 2017. I think it feels like everyone is talking
because we are very much in it now. Now, folks, let me share with you the history
of possible action in Bitcoin, which I said at the beginning of this video. Look, folks, I drew the Fibonacci time zone
indicator and I found this interesting picture. June 26, August 9, September 22 declines in
this indicator have shown in terms of timing. On 26 June, Bitcoin increased to 13900, dropped
to 10500, August 9, to Bitcoin from $ 12000 to $ 11200, to September 22, Bitcoin started
the decline from $ 10000, and recovered until 7800. I give the days here on the net, but I put
it in front of the back + – 1-2 days. Anyway, according to this Fibonacci time zone,
a new movement in Bitcoin could be on December 19th. Just remember that. Fibonacci time zone December 19 said that
there is no such thing as going necessarily that day. There is no such thing as going after that
because it happened before. I never give investment advice, but if you
want to wait around 19 December, so to lay in wait and wait in front of + – 1-2 days. I’il tell you something. Fibonacci time zone is not an indicator I
use all the time. I want to share with you when I come across
such data now, otherwise I cannot say that Bitcoin will be like this on December 19th. Nobody can say that. If he gets news from the other side, then
he won’t mess with Bitcoin. Anyway, aside from the joke, we’ve talked
enough about Bitcoin, and I think we’ve drawn a perspective in December. Now, if you want, let’s talk about the others
quickly. Secondly, let’s talk about Ethereum. As it is known that December 7, Istanbul additional. If you have an Ethereum miner, you need to
download the latest version of the Ethereum client eon before December 7, but if you’re
just a Ethereum buyer, you’re keeping it on the stock market, Ledger or something, you
don’t need to do anything unless you want something. In the meantime, in a previous Constaniople
update, the stock markets came out, turning this business into an ad, they said that we
support this update. Already hard fork brother mandatory system
update. If it’s tight, don’t back it up, then you’il
be left with the old chain. Anyway, I haven’t seen such things in this
update for the time being, but last time I had fun reading these explanations. They made fun of the nation. Anyway, folks, when we take a look at the
direct main source for this update, Ethereum’s official blog, the following details draw
attention. First of all, in the Istanbul update, the
Ethereum community came with more than 30 proposals to develop the EIP, ie Ethereum,
but then reduced it to 6. For example, after the Istanbul update, Ethereum
and Zcash will now be able to work more closely. Smart contracts offer more creative functions,
more options to the contract author, for example, this is another innovation, and you know,
these updates, these hard forks are one step in the transition from Ethereum’s proof of
work to proof of stake. I always want to see these improvements. Preliminary preparations for the new ascension
wind that Ethereum will capture. I hope so. Because the Ethereum rose with the ICOs. That was one of Ethereum’s reasons for the
exit. Start-ups who have ideas in the Blockchain
ecosystem and want to develop a new business, don’t let big investors and angel investors
go, they gather their own fund by developing ICO on Ethereum, but then you know that ICO
broke the rope. Anyway, he threw away the ICO dust on the
Ethereum. The price has fallen, but the Ethereum still
has a chance. Blockchain, as crypto coins are on the rise
in business sense, may still have a chance as a market cap after Bitcoin, Blockchain
as the most adopted in the market, as crypto money. If we take a look at Ethereum’s technical
analysis, my friends are the first level of support I can see for $ 142, and let me tell
you, under $ 142 is a nuisance. Six vacancies, especially as I said, of course,
without investment advice. And there’s also a support that starts from
$ 230 on 17 M bears that comes right down to now, and he says that if Ethereum falls,
don’t worry, I’ll take support from around $ 110, I’ll try to throw it up where it came
from, but if If the Istanbul update, like December 7, could bring some enthusiasm to
the Ethereum, it could throw itself around the first resistance level of $ 189, but I
don’t think it would make a steep rise to around $ 189 directly from the Istanbul update,
but it could at least be a bit small. If it goes above $ 189, my next resistance
level is $ 223, my friends. At the moment, Ethereum seems to be stable,
but Ethereum is hard to keep from falling under $ 142 and falling headlong. Because if it falls, I’ll tell you, it’s up
to $ 80. Ha may not go down to 80, but it may stretch
downward. Why do I make this comment, because, my friends,
there is also a death cross at the Ethereum, which means that the 50-day moving average
remains below the 200-day moving average. If I’m not mistaken, there was a death cross
at Bitcoin. Now, if you want, let’s talk about Cardano,
which is a waste of time. I am talking about the coin that most of you
call ADA. My friends, there is an expected shelley update
at Cardano, you know, as I mentioned in my previous monthly videos. With this shelly, Cardano owners now supported
the Blockchain network by staking, ie holding coins in hand, and would be able to earn as
much coins as free coins. Shelley’s got news. Snapshots of all Cardano wallets, so the balance
amounts have been recorded, folks, for what? E of course for Shelley’s testnet ie testing
network that will take place in the coming weeks. Remember, folks, the Cardano team says testnet
users who hold Cardano in their wallets can qualify for staking prizes. For this, snapshots of all wallets have already
been taken. As for Ledger, friends, since there is no
Ledger’s native application in Ledger’s hardware wallets, Cardano’s are hidden over two applications. One is the Ada lite application I’ve been
keeping, and the other is Yoroi wallet. Well, Yoroi says that those who hold the wallet
will win free coins that we call stakin prizes, but I couldn’t find any information for Ada
lite. When I couldn’t find it, I even tweeted Cardano’s
CEO and asked. Let me see if there’s an answer. Because I’m curious as I said, Cardan They
were in the Ada lite wallet before the snapshot was taken. We also know, for example, the CEO of Cardano
with his statements regarding the future of Bitcoin. He said in my previous videos that he argued
that if Bitcoin fails, all crypto money fails, so we fail. Now he says, yes, Bitcoin is dropping, but
when the negative news ends, crypto currencies will still have the power to move globally. Bitcoin can see $ 10,000 and then $ 100,000,
saying crypto coins are our future. I hope it’s as they say. You will also talk about the technical analysis
of Cardano, you know I always look at the dollar-oriented analysis, but I’ll say
sincerely. There is no scenario I can share very clearly
in Cardano. I didn’t want to share with you the triangles,
a scenario that forced them to tug in, but let me set up these two sentences. Looks like Cardano’s letting go. If there is no general entry into the market,
Cardano still has two solid supports. The first is 0.036, the second is 0.029. These two regions have not been broken since
2018 in Cardano. Of course, if it breaks, the effect can be
harsh. By the way, of course I’m talking in dollars. If you want friends saying Satoshi not say,
let’s move on to today’s bonus information. Folks, I’m
going to talk about Facebook in today’s bonus info. You remember Facebook Instagram years ago. That’s when you know that Facebook paid an
average of $ 20 per user on Instagram in this purchase? That’s probably more than 20 bucks. Now let’s see what came from you in the previous video,
which questions and comments have come. Let’s
look at them briefly.


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