Криптовалюта Stratis (STRAT) | Платформа Stratis vs Ethereum | Прогноз и Перспективы 2018

Криптовалюта Stratis (STRAT) | Платформа Stratis vs Ethereum | Прогноз и Перспективы 2018

What is Stratis?
Why this platform is needed
and what is its difference from the others
platforms for creating applications.
You are on the CryptoInside channel – and
today is on our review
platform for creating
and decentralized
applications Stratis.
Cryptocurrency Stratis appeared
in the middle of 2016.
At the same time, a powerful leap occurred
almost a year later – in the spring
2017, when the rate began to rise.
At its peak, the price of Stratis reached
about 21$.
This is more than 100,000% profit
from the date of issue of the coin
on the ICO.
So, what is Stratis?
Stratis is a platform for
application that has
one major difference from
Ethereum is a consensus algorithm
Proof of Stake.
The main task of developers
is to create
the simplest system.
Stratis specialists
create a solution that allows
get rid of many
problems associated with the creation of
decentralized applications
on the basis of this technology.
The difference between the platform and others,
existing on the market,
is that the main
emphasis is placed on applications,
created in programmable
C# and .NET
Instead of creating a new
programming language,
Stratis provides an opportunity
smooth transition for developers
By the way, C# and .NET, today
actively used in
application development area
for business.
Stratis therefore
degree simplifies the process
create applications.
Stratis works
on the Strat cryptocurrency, which
used as fuel
to maintain the system.
The Stratis platform uses
consensus algorithm
That means that the mine
Stratis coins on video cards
or ASICi will not work.
Video about what Proof-of-stake
different from Proof-of-work
You can see by clicking
to the prompt in the upper right
corner of the screen.
In order to participate
in the mining of new coins
Stratis – download
official wallet platform.
Those who keep funds
in their wallets receive
for this reward,
according to the consensus of Proof-of-stake.
Also there are opportunities
store STRATis with Raspberry
PI, instead of doing
it’s on a computer or laptop.
For each unit is issued
one new token, to generate
which network is required
about 60 seconds.
This holds back the level
inflation of STRATis on an extremely
low level, at the same time
giving interested
people financial motivation.
At the moment, Stratis provides
3 wallet available for
The first wallet is Staking
This wallet is used
especially for storage
coins and rewards
by the algorithm Proof-of-stake.
In order to find out,
what kind of reward are you
will receive, it is necessary
go to the site – stratispool.com.
Next, enter your quantity
coins of stratis and see how
reward for the day,
month and year of storage we
we receive.
For example, if you are lying
1000 coins on the balance sheet, then
the day you will receive
0.04 coins, per month 1.20, and
per year 14.60 Stratis coins.
The following wallet, available
for download at the official
site – Stratis Electrum.
This wallet is suitable for
storage, dispatch and acceptance
For storing Stratis coins
This purse you will not
receive a reward
by the algorithm Proof-of-stake.
The last purse offered
for download from the official
site – Breeze Wallet.
This wallet allows you to
simultaneously store and
bitcoin and coins of Stratis.
A distinctive feature
this purse was Breeze
Privacy Protocol.
This protocol provides
anonymous and confidential
transactions using technology
How does the protocol work?
Breeze Privacy Protocol works on
type bitcoin mixers.
He takes a certain amount
bitcoins, mixes and
changes them with other coins,
and then sends it to the selected
you address.
Thanks to the project, this
as Breeze Wallet, users
bitcoin will be able to get
access to confidential
The reason for choosing TumbleBit as the
protocol for management
this new type of transaction
is due to the fact that this
The project provides
private and unrelated transactions.
Even more intriguing is that,
as a TumbleBit protocol
compatible with the current protocol
This means that there is a convenient
A way to integrate both
concept in one convenient
for user purse.
“Pause 1-1.5 seconds”
A protected blockade is usually
includes hundreds or even
thousands of computers using
the same protocol.
Consequently, much
It is easier to use the
with proven stability
and security, rather than build
all from scratch.
Of course, you can develop
applications on the blockroom
bitcoin, the very first,
and therefore the most famous,
and the most secure crypto-currency
networks, but few companies
they hurry to do it.
Relatively low speed
transaction confirmation
(10 minutes) and periodic
attacks on the network can cause
delays of up to several
The Stratis platform offers
use of private
chains to address this
Private chains allow
developers independently
customize any options
according to their needs,
and the underlying blockage
all the same guarantees
high degree of safety.
For example, if a company
large size is required
block for placing large
the amount of transactions; swift
block time for trading
without delay; control
over transactions in which
only approved users
will be able to send requests
in the network; a certain level
filling or additional
place for metadata in
each block, all this can be done
configured at startup.
Access to private circuits
can be obtained directly from
API help, which means,
that you can quickly develop
independent decentralized
How can it be used?
Stratis in the real world?
Medical research
– blocking Stratis will allow
maintain a database where the reviewer,
researcher and publisher
can work with legitimate
Internet business – logistics,
transport, things and services
can be serviced by a detachment.
For example, a smart lock,
supported by the platform
Stratis, will allow
access to a fully automated
rent on AirBnB without any
dispute or interaction
with a person.
Tracking and verification
As production develops,
many copies appeared and
Once the original
products will be recorded
in Stratis, this problem will be
How, for example, check
diamonds on Everledger.
Fintech – in this area
Stratis intends to resolve
problems such as trust
transactions, the leakage of personal data,
Identity management
data, management of calculations
and others, using technology
Also, right now is available
Stratis Identity technology
in the beta test.
The Stratis Identity application can be
download both on androyd and on
ios device.
To the main functions of the application
Stratis Identity are:
• Creating a unique
Stratis-Block, registered
and fixed on a detachment
• Checking your identity,
through an account login
social networks, such
like Microsoft, Google and LinkedIn
• Proof of Ownership
online accounts through exchange
unique public
addresses and transaction hashes
• Confirmation of identifiers
Stratis other people using
built-in tool
Development team:
Cris Trew is the founder
and General Director
He is a technologist, an architect
and a consultant with a 10 year old
experience in the field of IT.
Pieterjan Vanhoof (Pieterjan Vanhof)
– he is a developer of Blochein
Stratis and has a lot of experience
work as a full-fledged
developer of the .NET Framework, C # (Cisharp)
and information architecture.
Jeremy BockObsa is a developer
blocker Stratis and developer
NET Frempork Technologies
and architecture development
C #.
Dan Gershony – Developer
Block Strana and has more
than 10 years of development experience
in MS (Microsoft), basically
in the C # and .NET framework.
Before you now, the comparative
the table of the Etherium and Stratis.
The main problem of the etherium
at the moment this is Proof-of-Work
algorithm and unique language
Writing intellectual
contracts for Ethereum means,
that the developer needs
first explore Solidity.
Moreover, Stratis supports
contracts on the side,
In contrast to Ethereum, where everyone
the contract comes from a blockage
Stratis and Ethereum have already received
recognition from the market, and
large companies, such
as Microsoft.
Where can I buy crypto currency
Stratis traded practically
on all popular exchanges,
such as Bithumb, Binance, Bittrex,
Poloniex, etc., therefore, problems
with the purchase of Stratis to arise
should not.
What are the prospects for the project?
Prospects for the platform
Stratis really is,
and they are rather big.
Developers succeeded
create a convenient technological
decision on the detachment, which
will simplify the work of business communities
and create an entire ecosystem.
Experts in the field of crypto-currency,
call stratys one
of the main competitors
platform Ethereum.
At the time of writing this
video, the price of one coin
Stratis is approximately
1.5 $.
Obviously, this coin
and the Stratis project is strongly underestimated.
Already at the current stage of development
Stratis can make a good
competition platforms
to create decentralized
In early 2017, Stratis achieved
prices of $ 21, which may well be
repeat in the near
Right now the price for Stratis
really low and worth
to buy a few coins
for the future.
Write in the comments,
what coins do you hold?
in its investment
Also do not forget to subscribe
to the channel, to put the likes
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